Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sky Rules when it comes to Sports

When it comes to sports it is one of the major source of entertainment. Soccer, golf, tennis or cricket these are followed by many. With digital TV switchover concept kicking in the TV viewing choices have widened and the sports entertainment has become a niche. There are people who are ready to watch sports all day long in the form of news, live matches or even Sports TV shows.

The rising interest in sports viewing has got in a lot of competition. The TV service providers like BT, Virgin and Sky are battling it out and trying to attract as many customers as possible. But as far as the race to attract Sports enthusiasts is concerned Sky is the favorite.

The reasons are more than one; Sky offers maximum number of sports channels, it also gives its viewers Sky Sports News channel, which keeps them updated with sports news and events 24 hours a day. Sky customers can enjoy watching their favorite teams play in HD View and even 3D view.

There is no doubt that Sky gives sports lovers a treat with its wide choices of channels and high picture clarity and surround sound experience. But all this comes at a higher price and this is the reason a lot of people are switching to other providers. But experts say that though the low prices of other providers are attractive but the real sports entertainment addicts continue to be loyal to Sky for its quality content.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

News Corp stands by offer for BSkyB

News Corp, the enviable media company owned by James and Rupert Murdoch has offered to buy 61 percent of British Sky Broadcasting, an offer worth £7.8bn ($12.4bn) offer which was rejected at its outset by BSkyB.

In mid June, 2010, the directors of BSkyB demanded an offer of additional £1bn. Meanwhile both the parties have agreed to follow a regulatory approval for the deal before they finally agree on the price.

Speculations about the deal were abuzz especially when News Corp company results declared net profits in the quarterly results. These results revealed the strength of pay TV business which accounts for half o f the global media conglomerate’s operating income.

Mr. Chase Carey, deputy chairman of News Corp is of the opinion pay TV business is likely to grow substantially in the coming years. While Fox News leads the race by enjoying triple profits in the past years, many other international channels are likely to earn more than double profits in the coming years.

A cause of worry seem the Sky’s broadcast TV division especially Sky Deutschland, the struggling German satellite TV service of which News Corp already owns 45 per cent. News Corp has sought a refinancing offer for its shares which are worth €340m ($448m) at least.

On the positive side, in the year 2010 News Corp has enjoyed substantial increase in its operating income earned from big advertising revenue which otherwise declined in the year 2009

Keeping in mind the future scope of business, Mr Murdoch has plans to set up a digital business around tablet gadgets, he has been seriously considering diversifying into news segment which revolves around these tablets. Barry Fox, veteran electronics journalist and media pundit

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Internet on your TV

You can now view the online, World Wide Web content directly on your High Definition Television, without having any need for appropriate supportive devices for using Internet such as desktop, laptop or smart phones. Yes this is going to be a reality soon, with the launch of DivX's TV that is a device with an inbuilt internet TV platform that enables one to view the online content on your television when connected directly to it or any electronic device by any manufacturer.

As of now, LG Electronics is coming up with the first range of Blu-ray Disc Players and Home Theatre systems that will make use of DivX TV platform and also holds a license to this technology.

With the successful launch and implementation of this technology, it will be possible to view almost every website on the Television, watch video on YouTube, indulge in social networking and even enjoy internet telephony services and video-conferencing. It will change the way digital media is thought about by bringing it right into your living room in close nexus with the idiot box, which will now know what it is to be smart and be a source of infinite knowledge and information.

Additionally, the DivX TV platform can be used with virtually all kinds of devices available ranging from televisions to gaming consoles to even smart phones.

But DivX Inc is not the only company to have entered this segment. There are already players like Cisco and Skype which have technologies in place that will let them achieve the dream of making it big in this section as well.

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Stoke city takes on Fulham, you watch it on Sky

If you were depressed that one of the most interesting matches in the ongoing Barclay's Premier league on January 5, 2010, wherein Stoke City takes of Fulham, will not take place due to bad weather and ground conditions, then here is a piece of news that will remove every trace of gloom. Not only is the match on but also it will be aired on Sky, live at 7.45 this evening.

The confirmation of the match came from the referee Mark Clattenburg with club officials and the police and gave a clear signal for the match to be played, as per the schedule. The announcement to telecast the match live by Sky TV came shortly after the Carling Cup semi-final between Blackburn Rovers and Aston Villa got cancelled due to the excessive snow in Lancashire.
Sky TV was supposed to telecast it live but after the slot feel free; it announced that it will telecast the match between Stoke City and Fulham. Buy Sky Box along with your Sky subscription and truly enjoy watching Sky Television.

So be on your couch by the scheduled time so as to not miss any fun! As of now, the two clubs are neck to neck in the league with Fulham only a point ahead of the Stoke City. This match could be crucial in changing the ratings and points. Bets are running high and with Sky TV deciding to telecast it live, i think drawing room bets will also make their presence felt. So who do you bet your pound on??

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